The Power Of Attitude

Talking all things attitude and the power it has over you.

Perception truly is your reality and I am a firm believer that you have autonomy over your perception and attitude of every circumstance. As someone who loves to plan things out, follow a schedule and feel that I am in control of most outcomes. It can be really hard for me to get thrown off and still have a good attitude about it.

Case in point, I was supposed to return home from our trip upstate Tuesday night. I had planned out my Wednesday to work at the store, get caught up on some paperwork, schedule upcoming buying trips and orientate a new employee. On Monday morning I went with my Mom to a follow up appointment for a surgery she recently had. Unfortunately the healing process has not gone as planned, and she was told she would be brought in for emergency surgery on Tuesday.

Normally this would cause me great anxiety, my whole week and schedule was turned upside down in just moments, plus the added stress about my mom going back in for surgery. The only thing I could do to help the situation is to shift my attitude, and focus on all the things I can accomplish this week. I can now hang out with my pup some more in the country, take him for runs and let him swim in the lake. I can get tons of emails done and use this time to get ahead on computer work. I can also spend some quality time with my Mom and help her heal. shifting my attitude and practicing gratitude that I have a job where I can quickly have staff help me in times of need like this, and be grateful that we are in a time of technology that I am able to run a business while not being physically in the business! 

While I can’t control the outcome of each week, day or even hour. I can control my attitude, thoughts and actions to help me re-adapt to these situations. Implementing the thought of knowing I have autonomy over my thoughts and actions has really helped me become a better business owner, wife, friend and daughter!