Sunday Scoop

The Sunday Scoop

Happy Sunday! I am finally back in Philadelphia and used our Sunday to go for a big run with the family, then a trip to target and whole foods. I didn’t stray from our list except to grab these towels (on sale), we are total towel people and probably go through way too many in one week!

Recipe testing- I am in search for the perfect roasted tomato soup recipe. I have started playing around with some of my own, but nothing worth sharing yet! However, I did make the best peanutless peanut sauce you will ever eat and that will be up on blog this week!

BOGO time! Threads is doing a buy one get one free sale on all T-shirts!! This sale is good!! Do you like Michael Stars, Stateside and rails? Well then, this sale is for you! This is my favorite tee, loving this color here, and how cute are these fruit tees, lemons and cherry’s ugh so cute!

Next weekend starts our marathon of 8 weekends in a row we are either in NYC for buying trips or traveling for weddings. I am looking at these shoes here for a simple heel that I can wear to a few of the weddings!

Starting August 1st my husband and I will be cutting out all added sugar in our diets for one month. Who do you think will crack first? I sort of think he will! Be sure to follow along as we document the process every Wednesday for the month of August!

That’s it people, I am going to straight to bed after I post this, last week got the best of me and I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed!