Sunday Scoop

The Sunday Scoop

On your mark get set go! It’s August which for me is a crazy month, lots of buying trips and we are getting in all new Fall merchandise! This also, starts the first weekend out of the next two months that we are away every weekend. This stresses me out a bit because of all the little trips and such, so I am looking at grabbing this suit case and this overnight bag to help me feel more organized and make schlepping around New York easier.

Catch more flies with honey than vinegar? Something like that but I have got to tell you I am on the 3rd day of consuming no added sugars, and I couldn’t feel better! Make sure to read all about the no sugar challenge I am trying out here!

No more pink tax in our house! Have you guys heard about these razors? I am going to give them a whirl! I don’t know about you but I do a lot of the shopping and ordering for personal care products in our house and it kills me to see that my husband’s razors, shaving cream etc.. are always cheaper for pretty much the exact same thing! Hopefully more cool companies like this one here will put an end to the pink tax and level this playing field because no one likes stubble!

I just whipped up the best garlic ginger zoodles (zucchini noodles) so get ready for that recipe, I will share it on the Co-op this Thursday!

Big, Big sales are happening people! Even though I own a women’s clothing store there are still a few shops and brands I like to shop from as well! Dying over this dress, these shoes here are so cute, plus you get an extra 20% off! My favorite mugs are also on sale here, I always grab one or two when they go on sale to have for the rainy day when we accidentally break one!

Store Happenings- Big sales are still happening! Take an extra 20% off the entire sale with code- summer20, and ladies lets stock up on some tee’s how cute is this one?

Alrighty, that’s it folks, that’s a wrap off to NYC for some Resort and Spring buying! Follow along @threadsco.op

Have a great Sunday!