Basic Facts About Me..please read.

I had a nice post all planned out for today sharing my very basic but very favorite outfit from this summer. However, I am having a hard time getting the pictures we shot to upload to my computer. So that post will happen later. I thought a quick post about some fun facts about me would be nice, replacement to my basic outfit post. This will probably be more entertaining for you to read too!

Okay so I am not that special and have no special hidden talent, in fact I hated that question as a kid. Remember your first day at any summer camp your mom would sign you up for? “what’s your hidden talent, “and some kid named jimmy could do the double-jointed elbow thing and damn Karen could speak pig Latin. Me? Nothing. Couldn’t even whistle, and still can’t whistle to this day!

I grew up in Skaneateles, NY, which is in the finger lakes region of NY and I think, like most people, I didn’t realize just how idyllic my childhood was, until recently. While I love living just outside a major city and the perks and conveniences that come with it. I often find myself really home sick, especially in the summer. There is nothing quite like a Skaneateles Summer, filled with lazy days on the lake and those cool, crisp summer nights.

I am a good cook, and also, I LOVE to cook. I would say, at this point, it’s a true passion of mine. I truly believe that food is medicine and you can choose to heal and nourish yourself with food or deprive and poison yourself. With that said, you can bet we eat mostly organic, free range and locally sourced food.

My husband and I met in college. I met him at my very first college party when I was a Freshman. To this day we both laugh about the haircut and outfit he had on, we aren’t entirely sure how I wound up with his number! Soon after we met, we started dating and we have been together ever since and were married in July of 2017.

I am always chronically cold, so I wear flannel pajamas to bed year-round and MUST wear socks. This seem to trigger a lot of people, especially Justin, but honestly, the thought of not wearing socks to bed gives me so much anxiety that I have a spare pair of socks in every purse/bag I own and put them in little cosmetic cases you know the ones for emergency tampons and lip gloss.

I also have some real quirks about me…. like the fact that I despise stickers. I don’t know what it is that triggers me about stickers but as a child I hated them and would get upset when other kids had them on. To this day feel the same way and really struggle at those events that make you wear a “my name is” sticker. Like I’ll just go introduce myself, I don’t need this tacky ass thing ruining my blouse, I’m good thanks.

I love nothing more than an amazingly authentic hole in the wall Indian or Thai restaurant. I love a night in vs a night out. I love the idea of yoga. I just really suck at it, and why is there always 6 people doing handstands in the beginner’s class? I love me some good old fashion mail, there is nothing better than hand written note, or sweet gift sent via mail (this doesn’t include amazon prime).

It was a basic post but what can I say? I am basic. The ticker countdown to my pumpkin spice lattes will be up shortly along with a flat-lays of my target purchases. Just kidding I wouldn’t drink that shit. Have you seen the added sugar? Love me those organic sheets from target though, click here for them!

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