The Sunday Scoop

The Sunday Scoop

Happy Sunday All! Is time just flying for you like it is for me? I swear it was just the beginning of August, and now we are well into September! I am okay with that though; Fall is my favorite season and I am ready for all of the sweaters and booties I can get my hands on! I also love the schedule that comes back with Fall. Our summers are always filled with making sporadic trips home to the lake, so I am really looking forward to the stability and routine that comes with Fall.

Alright here’s the Scoop

Damn you Dorian- Did you guys hear? We were supposed to go to a wedding in Charleston this weekend and it was canceled due to hurricane Dorian. While I feel terrible the wedding was canceled, I am super thankful that everyone stayed safe and sound. My heart is just aching for all the people of the Bahamas. I really can’t imagine just how horrible and devastating it must be to lose everything you have!

Is that a cold or allergies?- My husband came down with a man cold, so you can only imagine the dramatic sneezes, aches and pains that have been happening at our house!  While I am almost positive it’s just allergies, I am not taking chances! I swear by this oregano oil to help speed the cold along and keep it a bay for others i.e me! I just drop two little droplets into a cup of mint tea and try to drink 3 or 4 cups a day!

New season, new shoes- I am loving all of the cute bootie options for Fall! How cute is this pair here? Great price too! I have grown a little collection of these princetown mules, and I really do live in them and they are a true closet staple. If you’re are not ready to make the splurge, I would give these a try, super cute and a fraction of the cost! ( I linked a bunch of cute mules and boots and sneaks at the bottom of the post )

New sweaters at the shop– We are getting in new sweaters daily at THREADS! This bestseller is back from last year, we can’t keep this sweater in stock and the love for leopard is real!! Check out this option for a splurge and this one for a save!

Recipe re-cap: We are back on our Sunday night meal prep and these turkey meatballs have become a staple in our house. Simple, quick and healthy, what else could you ask for?

That’s it for now, off to NYC tomorrow for a quick work trip and then back to work Tuesday to shoot some new sweater styles! Hope everyone has a great week!