Running Staples

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I have been a runner my whole life, running is my preferred method of exercise and keeping my head clear. I wish I could say meditation or yoga works for me as well, but I really love a good long run where I can get in a good playlist and my own thoughts. I am not really a techy person, but I do have a few pieces of tech that I love to use while running.

Apple Watch– Over the summer I purchased the apple watch because I wanted to start pacing and keeping track of my mile times. I was a little worried I wasn’t going to love the watch. I thought it would be annoying to get emails and texts on my wrist while trying to zone out. However, I have found it to be just the opposite, I just screen the text and emails while running. I love that I can change all my music and adjust the volume right from my wrist. My husband has a watch too so often every day is a step competition and we love to see who walked the most steps in a day…often it’s me! You can also change your activity so if you’re doing a walk you can have the watch track calories, steps, heart rate, etc. Below are some of my other favorite tech devices that I love to work out with.

Loopy Case- I first heard about this phone case here– these ladies from The Buy Guide find and share the best little day to day products to make your life a little easier. Since having this case, I no longer drop my phone. The loopy case is incredibly comfortable to hold just on one finger. I often forget I am even holding my phone! Here is the link for Loopy case and use this discount code for 10% off. CODE :thebuyguide

Airpods- I never got the expression “better than sliced bread” until I got these guys! I have tried every running ear bud on the market. My biggest complaint is the cord constantly hitting me in the face when I run, and every time I get a good sweat on the buds fall out. These airpods don’t budge, and they stay perfectly in place throughout the run. They are also great for work, driving, or just talking on the phone around the house. I love that I can make the bed, fold laundry and write an email all while on the phone.