Sweater Care : 101

I ditched the dry cleaner years ago for a few reasons. One, I would almost always forget to pick up the item I dropped off. Two, they literally spray chemicals on your clothing, and I feel uneasy paying for toxins to be sprayed on my clothes!

A few years ago I stumbled upon this company called the laundress. The laundress is a company owned by two women who are dedicated to making safe and effective non-toxic laundry and household cleaning products! I personally own the above products and care for all my wool and cashmere items at home using all the laundress products. They are super effective, clean and dare I say luxurious.

  1. Sweater Stone – I have one and my husband has one, great for de-pilling all sweaters and even fleece jackets like this one!
  2. Cashmere & Wool Spray – Love to use this in between washes to keep my sweaters fresh, I also spray sweaters before packing them up in rubbermaid bins when I store them away for summer.
  3. Wool & Cashmere Shampoo– Cleans and refreshes all your sweaters and also leaves them super soft. Bonus points for the clean and not overpowering scent.
  4. Mesh Wash Bag– A nice mesh wash bag to wash sweaters in to avoid any harm to sweaters! You can also hand wash using a sink or this basin here.
  5. Stain Solution– My new best friend, I love to cook and that often means lots of little stains all over my clothes! I just use a little drop of this solution on the stain let it sit for a little and then I normally wash the clothing item and viola, the stain is gone!

I hope you guys find this post helpful when taking care of all your beautiful sweaters!