Top 10 Purchases Of 2019

I know I am not alone when I say that I literally can’t believe that 2019 is over and we are on to 2020. I thought it would be fun to comprise a list of my top 10 “life changing” purchases both for life, style and home! Comment below if you guys have also bought and loved these items!

1). Amazon Tote Bag– I get asked about these bags so much while grocery shopping. I use them for grocery shopping, shuttling things from home to the store and back. I carry packages to the mailroom in them and when road tripping to my parents, I will pack shoes boots etc. in them! Also, they hold up great, we are pretty rough on our totes and they look brand new. The inside is coated so you can spray them down and wipe them if any spills occur!

2). Airpods– I got these last year for Christmas and I am not sure how I ever lived without them. I just recently got into podcasting and audible books and getting chores done at home; think vacuuming, laundry folding, walking the dog, just got a whole lot more enjoyable.

3). Golden Goose Sneakers- How great can $500 sneakers really be? Well just like my Stuart Weitzman strappy heels are way better than my Steve Madden knock offs… same situation here. My Golden Goose’s are so much better than my stan smith sneakers! I really am on my feet all day and I could barely walk in my stan smith. I would constantly get blisters and couldn’t wait to take them off. I made the jump and bought the golden goose in late August and I wear them at least 5 times per week. I did a very neutral style so it would go with everything. (Highly Recommended) They go with everything I own so getting dressed for me in the morning is a breeze. I also take comfort in knowing that I will not regret my shoe choice halfway through the day! If you’re on the fence like I was, I would say take the plunge, I don’t think you’ll regret it!

4). A computer sleeve– I don’t know why I never owned one before, I guess I was just so accustomed to tossing my computer into my bag. I bought this one here and let me tell you how nice it is to have a little case that can hold my computer, iPad, pen and legal pad. My daily necessities are always organized and ready to go. No more digging around the bottom of my bag looking for everything. Also it’s cute, concise and professional looking!

5). Lotion P50 1970– Want the secret to good skin? Yes, I am willing to admit I have good skin. I may not know a lot or do many things well, but I know skin!  The name is confusing because this product is not a lotion at all it’s a toner. This toner is filled with all sorts of acids that are gentle for sensitive skin like me but super effective. My skin is always left feeling very clean and clear and I have noticed a big difference in my pore size as well as limited breakouts! I must admit the smell is rather unpleasant, but the product is so effective I don’t even think twice about the smell.

6). Leatherette Pants– I have been living in these pants they are so cute and so easy to dress up and down, they are also a welcome change up from denim. I am loving these pants as we get further into winter because they almost seem to act as slight wind barrier and keep me a touch warmer than just denim.

7). Statement Coat- When I am not at the store, life is spent running a million errands and I am usually trying to squeeze in a yoga class or run! So, an easy statement coat that’s just as cute with leggings and sneakers as it is with a nice jean and cute boots has been amazing. I love this one here.

8.) Dishwasher Safe Cutting Boards– I love to cook and tend to use just about every pot and pan when I cook. So clean up can be a little bit of a task, any cookware that can go in the dishwasher is right up my alley. When signing up for our wedding registry we saw these dishwasher safe cutting boards that were plastic free, and I can’t imagine not having these on hand!

9). The laundress- A little pricey for laundry and cleaning supplies but a little goes a long way and I have already probably saved a lot by being able to skip the dry cleaner. I currently use the cashmere and wool shampoo, the stain remover, and the sweater stone to de-pill all my sweaters and sweater spray!

10.) Eyebrow gel– Just to think that 10 years ago I was 17 and had over plucked eyebrows and now my favorite beauty product of 2019 was this eyebrow gel. I think this brow gel is the best way to get full looking eyebrows that look very natural and not too overwhelming and just a little goes a long way.