Winter Skincare Essentials

Winter Skin Care Essentials

Shop Above Post |1. Epsom Salts |2. Weleda Skin Food |3.Dry Brush |4. All Purpose Balm | 5. Lotion p50 |6. Osea Body Oil |7. Lip Scrub |8. Squalane Oil|9. Skinceuticals |

1. Dr. Teals Epsom Salts- Epsom salt baths are a surprisingly affordable self-care ritual that virtually anyone can do. Not only does the Epsom salt help to exfoliate, soften and detoxify the skin, the salt can also help with aches and pains associated with the all too common winter cold and flu. It also has a high magnesium content which can really help ease stress and inflammation in the body!

2. Weleda Skin Food– A clean (meaning non-toxic) simple and very rich lotion. I have a few of these tucked around the house near the kitchen sink, bathroom, nightstands and my carry-all tote for the day! When the winter skin scaries start to appear, I start slathering this lotion all over my hands, elbows, knees, feet, under eyes and wherever else I feel dry. It does take a minute to absorb well, but this lotion lasts the longest and makes my skin the happiest between applications.

3. Dry Brush– I dry brush all year round and wrote a post about it here. I especially love to dry brush in the winter when things seem to be a bit more stagnant. It really warms up and awakens the body to get your circulation going.

4. Organic All Purpose Balm- Growing up we spent a lot of weekends on the ski slopes and I can remember my mom slathering Aquaphor all over our cheeks and lips to prevent chapping and wind burn. I love this All Purpose Balm because it works just as well as Aquaphor without the all toxic,yucky ingredients. Most nights I apply this balm to my lips and under eyes for an extra layer of moisture. This balm also works wonders on simple scrapes and burns too!

5. Lotion P50 1970– I mentioned this toner/exfoliator in another post here. I love this product because it’s incredibly effective but is gentle enough to be used morning and night. It’s important to exfoliate all year round but especially important in the winter to help remove the dry, dead skin. When skin is properly exfoliated, it will allow for all your serums and lotions to be better absorbed and skin will stay more hydrated.

6. Osea Body Oil– I had been wanting to try a body oil and I read an article that Victoria Beckham was loving this one and thought, hey it’s worth a shot. So far, I am really loving it! I mostly use it at night when I have a little more time to let the oil set in before getting my pajamas on.

7. Lip Scrub– I dislike cracked, chapped winter lips more than anything and just like your face, keeping your lips exfoliated is important so they can drink up all that healing balm!

8. Indie Lee– I bought this product 3 years ago and I have been purchasing it ever since. I have very sensitive skin so many serums contain ingredients that can make me break out. This serum is extremely hydrating and calming and can be worn alone as a moisturizer or can be layered with a lotion for an extra layer of hydration.

9. SkinCeuticals– I can’t say enough about this lotion! I purchased this last January after feeling like my skin was so dry and irritated. Within hours of applying this lotion, my skin felt hydrated and more supple. Within a week my skin had never looked better and now I use this lotion all year around. I no longer complain about having that dry, tight skin feeling, even in the cold winds and harsh indoor heat!