My Favorite Non-Toxic Candles

* Pic C/O Brooklyn Candle Co.

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I am a total “nester” and love to set up little vignettes around my house styled with candles and fresh flowers! I love the warm welcoming glow of a candle while the familiar scent wraps itself around a home making you feel relaxed and cozy.

I came across a few articles that started making me question this cozy ritual that I love so much. Lighting candles like this cult favorite here, may actually be creating a toxic and somewhat hazardous environment. See this article here and here to learn more. Most candles, like these here are filled with paraffin wax and artificial scents. The toxins released from paraffin candles are the same as those found in diesel fuel fumes.

Once I was aware that some candles can be very toxic. I wanted to source a candle line that would not only smell wonderful, but also have a nice design ascetic as well. I came across Brooklyn Candle co. and completely fell in love with all their scents and love the clean minimal design of them. This is the scent we constantly burn at the store and this scent is nice and fresh, perfect for transitioning to spring!