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I would just like to preface this hair accessory post by apologizing for the rather dingy photography. My husband, Justin and I, are self-taught photographers and editors. Needless to say, we have a lot more to learn about indoor lighting!

Okay, moving on to hair accessories. I am loving this fun trend! I am typically a plain jane with my hair styling, I either wear it straight and down, which is my natural hair, or up in a top knot often finding myself in hair styling ruts. These hair accessories are coming in handy and help to alleviate the mundane hairstyles we all find ourselves getting into! My favorite go to hair clip style is to pull a small piece of hair to the back and secure the hair in place with two clips. This heart clip is great for a simple half up-half down look, or you can embrace your inner trendy prep with these fun headbands! At first, I was on the fence with this trend, I hadn’t worn a headband since middle school, when Gossip Girls’ iconic character Blair Waldorf was style goals. I have really warmed up to the headband trend, they make for the best way to style “second day hair” when the roots start to become slightly flat, I just throw on a headband and go!