Winter Boot Haul

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It’s almost the end of January and I still haven’t bought winter boots! In my defense we haven’t had a lot of snowy slushy weather, so I’ve been getting away with wearing these boots and these sneakers. Last Saturday’s snowfall made me realize I should order boots for those snowy slushy days that are bound to happen.

I will be traveling home to Upstate NY and will be walking all over New York City for some buying trips in February. I need the boots to be warm, very comfortable and fairly waterproof. I also need the boots to be neutral and easy to style with jeans and sweaters.

I ordered quite a few pairs ranging from these heavy-duty utilitarian guys here (you know these will get the job done) to this very poplar combat boot style here, to this really fun sneaker/boot hybrid here! I have tried them all on and sharing my thoughts on them below!

1.Ugg- Adirondack boot This boot is a tried and true boot. Yes, it is very field and stream looking. However, sometimes you just need a good boot that you know will keep you dry and warm in the thick of winter. These win the most practical award, I will be keeping these, knowing they last forever!

2. Tretorn Sneaker boot- I am loving this sneaker boot trend! I think it’s a great addition to have in your wardrobe alongside another winter boot.  Since I walk the dog so much, I thought maybe the sneaker would be more comfortable on long walks as opposed to a heavy boot. These do have fur in them, they are very warm and more comfortable than I had expected. I am only passing because I thought the laces were a bit tedious compared to the Sorel Sneaker/Boot.

3. Miho- Hiker /combat boot- I really liked the color of this suede boot; however, the shearling is more for show then warmth.  The colored laces were a bit more “drug rug” vibe then cute rainbow. I am passing on these.

4. Sorel Sneakers Sorel is a really popular winter boot brand, this was my first time trying them out and I was really impressed! The fit couldn’t have been better, and the inside zippers makes getting in and out of these sneaker/boots a breeze. Plus, there is a nice layer of shearling on the inside to keep you warm! The design of this shoe is really well executed, it reminds me a lot of the Balenciaga sneaker for about 1/4 of the price. I am envisioning these with skinny jeans, tucked in, a chunky sweater, puffer vest, cute hat and sunglasses to complete a sporty winter look. I might swap this color out for the black colorway here but plan on keeping these. More sizes available here.

5. Madewell Levi Boot– I thought I would love these boots the most, I love the chestnut color and the fur is very warm, however, the boot itself was very hard and uncomfortable and I couldn’t imagine walking in these all day. Passing on these as well.

6. Innukii– This is a new line to me. I saw them styled here and was inspired to try them on! I actually really liked these, they were super warm and very comfortable to wear. They also have a really similar look to these Isabel Marant boots for about 1/3 the price! I am currently on the fence with these. They would be great as a simple slip on and go boot, and the mocha browns and mauvey laces are a really pretty color combo. ( See bottom of post for more colorway options)

7. Marc Fisher Izzie Boot I have seen this boot on just about every fashion blogger out there and I think the boot has sold out a few times. I ordered it because I like how it’s cozy and sleek looking at the same time and I love the black leather. It’s the easiest color to work with in my wardrobe, probably will keep these boots!