The Winter Boots I Kept

Last friday I did a round up of a few winter boot styles that caught my and ordered. I did a mini review on them here. This week a week I am reporting the good the bad and the styles that impressed me the most.

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The Ugg Adirondack – What these boots lack in femininity, they make up for in function. They keep me ridiculously warm and dry and are super easy to slip on and off. The tie up detail is just as easy as tying a sneaker and they were not as heavy as I expected they would be. These are also a timeless winter boot purchase that were in 10 years ago and will be in for the next 10 to come. We can dub these as the decade boot.

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Inuikii – These boots really warmed up on me figuratively and literally! At first glance they looked a bit chunky and space boot(ish) but once I slipped my feet into these I was sold! It was like a warm cloud of fur cradling your feet! One thing to note about these boots is that look better in person and even better on the body! I sadly didn’t keep these because I have plenty of ugg boots like these here, that fulfill this need. However, these are first on my purchase for next year fall/winter and I am excited to see more styles from innkui. ( see whole collection here)

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Most Disappointed By- I was really excited for these combat inspired boots and thought these would be a cozy and more streamlined boot to wear during the day or even to grab a casual dinner in. However, the boot is not lined with sherpa so I knew I would always be super cold and the heel and ankle part were really hard and I actually felt a blister coming on just from taking a few steps around my bedroom in them. The laces are laced with hooks like a skate and honestly it was a process to lace them up. I sent these back due to “effort to wear”, and lack of comfort.

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Most Impressed By– I really didn’t think I would like these at all but they ended up being the most comfortable shoe out of all of them. I think I will get the most wear out of these since we are now in that late winter. I am assuming it will start to get slushy and mudy as spring approaches and this is the perfect transition sneaker/boot. These will be perfect for running errands, walking the dog, standing at work etc.. I also love how lightweight these are and the shearling lining will keep me nice and warm.