Sunday Scoop

This week was a tough one for many. Anytime there is a sudden, tragic sudden death it’s super soul crushing and puts so many of our everyday problems into perspective. I think it puts life into perspective, in general, and is a reminder of life’s fragility. My hope for us all is that we move forward being kinder and gentler to each other while living our life to its fullest potential. I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!


Love is in The Air – I rounded up some great Valentine’s day gift ideas here! Including my favorite pajamas here, these adorable socks (only $16) here, this candle and these adorable matchbooks.

Looking for more out of life? – Here is an interesting article about a 21-day reset keto diet.

Oh, It’s The Superbowl? – Whoops I almost forgot it’s Super Bowl Sunday! While my husband watches the game I will be busy making this chili recipe and I am going to binge real housewives.

Boot Review – Did you catch my boot review? You can read my review here. I kept these classic boots here and was pleasantly surprised with these boot/sneakers here. Passed on these here but they are still on my mind.

A Family Feel Good – We just watched this movie, it was beautiful, thoughtful and inspiring.

Is Lipstick the New Cigarette? – I have never smoked but I do partake in the consumption of toxic beauty products. This article here really has me thinking it’s time to switch to an all-natural beauty routine.

Give and Gift Together – Justin and I normally celebrate Valentine’s day by getting a couples gift together, here are some of our favorite gifts – This blender here, this Nespresso machine here (on sale) and this pot is a bit of a splurge, but we cook every night and truly use it every day. We both have our eyes on this, I think it would come in handy with Winston’s dog hair.

Little Luxuries – I just came across these little card holders and just think they are so cute! I love this classic black one here, and this red one here for a pop of color!

How to find a pretty trash can – Does anyone else find that bathroom waste bins are plain ugly? I just came across this site here where JoJo has rounded up some stylish waste bins. I really like these here .

Plump and Pucker- Need to refresh your winter lips? I am a huge fan of this lip scrub, this lip whip and this chapstick.

Sustainable Style – Both professionally and personally, I am trying to source more merchandise and purchase more from sustainable clothing brands. Love this organic denim style here and here. These sustainable leather sneakers here and these leggings here.