Cold and Flu Busters

My go to essentials for immune support during cold and flu season

I am sure you all know that I am no doctor and don’t claim to be. The following are just some simple homeopathic and over the counter items that have really helped me boost my immune system to prevent and treat cold and flu like symptoms.

Oregano oil– Oil of oregano is a very potent antimicrobial and antiviral herb (learn more here). I use this brand here and just add one to two drops of the oil into an herbal tea ( I think its best with peppermint tea). The oil has a very strong oregano flavor so you might even want to add a little honey to the tea at first. However, I have actually grown to like the flavor. I try to drink at least 2 cups of tea containing oil of oregano daily in the winter and will up my intake when traveling or in big crowds of people.

Peppermint tea – I love to sip on hot fluids all the time but especially during a cold or flu to help move all the yucky stagnant mucus around. Peppermint tea is my personal favorite flavor of tea, its super refreshing and calming. I also think the oil of oregano tastes best with peppermint tea!

Zicam– Zinc is amazing for shortening the lengths of colds and repairing tissue in the body. I really dislike the flavor of the zinc lozenges and have switch to these nasal swabs. I will just use these swabs when traveling or at the first sign of an oncoming cold!

Lemon’s – Something about a lemon just seems healing and cleansing to me. I love to start my day with a cup of warm lemon water and throughout the day I will sip on lemon water.

Vitamin C – I take vitamin C daily along with a few other supplements. I have read a few articles like this one here that say it’s not clear whether vitamin C helps prevent / treat colds and flu’s. Regardless it can’t hurt so I choose to take it daily and knock on wood haven’t gotten a cold or flu this season.

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