How to Layer Necklaces

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Layering gold necklaces is one of my favorite ways to accessorize any look. The goal is to create an effortless and easy look that reads chic and sentimental. Here are my 3 simple rules I use to create the perfect layered look.

Step One – Stay neutral and focus on shape when picking the base or anchor layer. I love using something like this double coin pendant necklace here.

Step Two – Add in color to create dimension, I layered on this opal and labradorite drop necklace. In picture 2 I layered on this necklace with a citrine gemstone.

Step Three – Layer in a personal touch for the last piece. In picture one I chose this “love” necklace. Love is such a simple word yet brings so much joy into people’s lives, I wear this necklace almost daily as a gentle reminder to always put love first. In Picture Two, I completed the layered look with this charm necklace full of little sentiments.