28 Life Lessons

Today marks my 28th birthday. As I grow into the eve of my twenties, I can’t help but reflect back on the decade. Society portrays the 20’s as coveted youth wasted on the frivolous. I did not find this to be true, I found my 20s to be devoted to learning and growing. The only way to truly learn is by correcting the many mistakes that will be made along the way. I look back at the things I thought I would have accomplished by now, some I haven’t even started, yet some of my wildest dreams have already come true! Below are 28 things I have l learned or experienced in my twenties.

1. Create budget and stick to it

2. Grocery shop with a list Stop eating foods that make you feel bad

3. Figure out when you are most productive 

4. Learn to say no and not apologize for it

5. Host more dinner parties

6. Be okay with your failures it’s the only way you learn and grow 

7. Take care of your skin

8. Be honest with yourself 

9. Get a therapist.. life is weird be prepared. 

10. Join a cause you believe in

11. Travel as much as possible 

12. Find an exercise that works for you

13. Learn to cook

14. Read more books

15. Always hand write a thank you note

16. Reconnect with old friends

17. Get a proper bra fitting

18. Invest in good Basics, denim, black cashmere sweater, black dress, trench coat etc..

19. Make time to be by yourself

20. Travel alone 

21. Learn to meditate

22. Learn a new skill for work

23. Learn a new skill just for fun

24. Start an Investment or retirement account

25. Take a risk in your career

26. Start a business or side hustle

27. Work in customer service at some point

28. Practice the art of being patient and patient with people