Sunday Scoop

Happy Happy Sunday guys! I would like to just start this Sunday scoop by saying, holy Sh*t, you guys are the best! Thank you for all the fun comments and interactions on Instagram this past week with the flash sales! I am so thankful for every single one of you who participated in the flash sales and had so much fun laughing and joking with you guys in dm’s about the funny videos we made! I have had so much fun making these (totally terrible) videos on instagram and it’s been really amazing getting to connect with so many wonderful customers and boutique owners during this time via Instagram!

There really isn’t much to catch you up on this week, but if you missed a flash sale, you can shop all the sales today below I will list them all out! Below I rounded up all the fun stuff from past week, I hope you enjoy!


Sweater Weather – March can be such a tough month to dress for; warm one day, practically snowing the next! I love to have a few cotton sweaters on hand to layer up and down as needed! This Tie Dye one here is my favorite. Also love this striped sweater here and this v-neck here. All sweaters are 25% off with code : Sweater25.

Do the hanky panky – Did you catch my bad infomerical on hanky panky? All hanky panky’s are buy 2 get 1 free DM via instagram if you want to order!

Going going gone- Our best selling breakaway bag in black is now on sale! Snag it here for 25% off with code: breakaway 25 ! Also, almost sold out of my favorite cashmere multi purpose wraps here use code: Wrap 40 for 40% off!

The perfect spring jacket – This jacket here is one of my favorite spring jackets! It’s the perfect weight and I love the tailored look its gives any outfit! Use code: Gia40 for 40% off this great spring jacket!

Binge worthy – Have you seen the Ozark’s on Netflix? It’s by far one of my favorite series and season 3 just dropped this weekend! We binged the entire show from Friday night all through Sunday! I legit can’t believe how it ended.

Lions, Tigers, Bears oh my – Have you seen the latest documentary to grace Netflix? Talk about a jaw dropper, watch here.

Stress & boredom Munchies? – I have been making our own snacks to make sure we aren’t over doing it on the processed junk! These roasted chickpeas here have been a hit as well as these roasted cashews here (you can use mixed nuts or any nut you prefer).

What To Plant- Have you always wanted to grow your own veggies? Well this just might be the spring to do that! Here is a list of what to plant in April and here is a nice raised garden bed for the veggie garden.

Clean Beauty – I am always searching for new clean beauty products. I came across this website here that rates how clean (non-toxic) a product is! I have been wanting to add a retinol to my beauty routine and this one here is a well rated product.

Never Enough Stripes – I love having a pajama set to turn to each night…more like morning, afternoon and night now a days. I have mentioned before but this Pj set here still remains a favorite of mine! Use code: Shopnow for 40% off.

Ready, Review – T-Shirt bras! Get ready, this week, I will reviewing all the T-shirt bras! I have heard really good things about this bra here as well as this one here with a cute lace detail.