Sunday Scoop

Happy Sunday! We were up early working in our very small yet very demanding backyard. We have been trying to grow grass for a few years now, yet we only get weeds. I am not into spraying pesticides so we decided to just dig up the entire yard and we are either going to sod or completely lay new grass. I am so thankful that Justin loves yard work. I was able to “help” a little and then decided it would be best for me to catch up on Co-Op work! Are you ladies helpful when it comes to yard work? I am definitely not helpful! Here’s all links, recipes and things I have been loving this week! Have a great Sunday everyone!


Spring Cleaning- We have been going room to room, cupboard by cupboard, purging and organizing everything. I decided to order a few more of these lazy susans, here, to keep items in cupboards and easy to find. I also, ordered this label maker here to finally tackle that spice drawer.

Here Comes The Sun- Well, I guess sun in a bottle. I am crazy crazy pale since we never went to Florida this spring and the rainy northeast weather hasn’t helped my glow! Trying out these tanning drops here! I love how you can add them to any lotion you have to make it easy to apply!

Quarantine Workouts- I prefer to go to workout classes or runs for my exercise. Signing up for a class keeps me more accountable! I rounded up a few of my favorite workouts to do at home via Youtube, Instagram online subscriptions here in this post.

Feeling Fresh- I just ordered some new make up for spring, Including this highlighter stick, blush and lipstick.

Freshen Up The Home- All this time at home has me really feeling like I would love to freshen up our home with new rugs. I am looking at this one here for our living room and this one here for our bedroom.

Creating an outdoor oasis- With Justin working on the yard, I am hoping to convince him we should hang these lights over the patio and maybe ditch our table for this seating here area.

Denim For Days- Did you guys see that Threads has a huge denim sale happening? All Styles are under $95! Shop the sale here!

Cooking up a storm -We have loved finding new recipes to make at home! I am going to be making this recipe here from Half Baked Harvest. To make the dish a little lighter I will do some pasta and some zucchini noodles.

Alright thats all I have for you this week, hopefully I will be sharing the progress from our backyard soon!