My Farewell Story

On March 16th, 2020 I closed my store doors due to the stay at home order that was in effect due to Covid -19, little did I know March 16th was the last day that Threads On Main would still operate as a store front.

I knew Covid-19 would not be an easy storm to weather, both personally and professionally. However, I felt prepared to weather the storm from smart business decisions my husband and I made, while focusing only on handling the circumstances that were in our control.

Nothing could have prepared me for the hostility that my landlord began to display. By the first week of April I was told to leave the building if I could not pay rent in full, even after explaining to her we were awaiting a decision on our SBA loan to determine our financial standing. In mid April she broke into the building to show the property to potential tenants, telling them the space was immediately available and we no longer had a lease. This encounter was particularly distributing to me as we had to involve police due to the alarms being set off and the event being considered a break in because she did not provide 24 hour notice to enter the building.

Daily, my husband and I would receive defamatory, threatening and degrading text messages from our landlord about rent payments. This went on for weeks, continuing to harass and slander us to community members about the awful people we were.

Due to these reasons I no longer feel safe to operate my business out of our current store front. Late last week my husband, Justin and I decided to make the tough decision to close the Threads store front and operate solely online. Given the current economic environment it simply would not make financial sense to attempt to open in another location at this time.

Though my landlord put a damper on my time here , I’m closing the Threads store front, and leaving the amazing Manayunk community, with nothing but gratitude and appreciation for the support I have been shown for the last 4 years. I have truly met amazing people at Threads and will miss chatting and styling with all my wonderful customers who have continued to shop and support my little business over the years! What I’m most excited about is that this is not goodbye but a shift in the way will operate as a brand. Look forward to filling you in weekly here at The Co-op!

Please enjoy our liquidation sale starting today at 11am and make sure to follow us on Instagram as I will be trying on all the styles we will be liquidating and providing sizing and styling tips! Also, if you have an outstanding gift card I will be personally reaching out. Please don’t hesitate in reaching out to me with and questions or concerns!

XX- Anna