July Amazon Purchases

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See below to check out all my favorite purchases I made on Amazon this month!

  1. My exact bag is actually sold out, and I have to say I am not surprised. I never thought I could love a plain tote so much but I really love these bags! I use them for grocery shopping, packing / traveling and they are great for road tripping. They are extremely sturdy and the inside is lined with a clear plastic making it easy to wipe them out and keep them super clean! Here is another option that seems really similar to mine!
  2. These chairs are really impressive! I was very worried that the price was too good to be true! We have had them for about a week, I set them up in 2 minutes and they are extremely sturdy and comfortable.
  3. Dryer Balls! I switched over to these years ago since I find dryer sheets to be very wasteful! I love these and just stocked up on some more for our move!
  4. Glass Spray Bottles to hold my homemade surface cleaner. I think these glass bottles are much more chic than a plastic lysol spray bottle, and the force of the spray on these bottles is superb!
  5. The infamous Amazon nightgown dress! This dress caused a big stir last summer! Glamour did a whole article on it here! I think it has major Ulla Johnson Vibes! I have tried them on and they are comfy and really light weight, great for a house dress or beach cover up!
  6. Airpod case! I love this airpod case and it’s under $8. I have it in pink and love the little keychain attacher that comes with it! I will clip it on to my keys or hardware on my bag. This way I am never digging around for my airpods in the bottom of my bag!
  7. Lucite barstools– I finally picked a barstool for the new apartment and decided to go with these! I needed something that would really blend in and not take up to much visual space. These easily blend with the modern vibe of the apartment and my more traditional style!
  8. Woven leather clutch! A great dupe to this Bottega Veneta woven leather styles that are having a major moment!
  9. Same great dupe just in another color! I have both black and cream here. Thinking brown may be great for Fall!
  10. I just loved this book so much. I am sure most have read it already but if not, grab a copy and read it!
  11. Jute and wool rug! I saw this rug on “The Girl Guide”. I thought it would be a great bedroom rug for our new place and it’s an amazing price for the rug that size! I have it and it’s great. Exactly like the picture, soft and did not shed or smell! I did the color dark grey.
  12. Produce bags– I bring these with me to the grocery store every time! Again, why use plastic for vegetables and fruit? The best part is that these can go right into the washer and dryer to keep extra clean!
  13. Dish Towels -I just ordered these as new dish towels! They have great reviews and love the blue stripe!