Sunday Scoop

The Sunday Scoop

Happy Sunday everyone! I spent the last week home in upstate NY and it was such a nice week to be home with family. Spending time with family after essentially being in lockdown this Spring/Summer has a whole new meaning of importance now! With that being said I am feeling refreshed and recharged and can’t wait to get back to Philadelphia to finish up our apartment and get back to work! I have some really fun and exciting plans for The Co-op this Fall and can’t wait to share with you guys! Hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday and enjoy catching up on this week’s Scoop!


Must Have Cookbook- My Aunt had this cookbook at her house and let me borrow it for the weekend, so many great recipes all simple, fresh and healthy!

My New Favorite Leggings- I purchased these leggings last week, and they are my new favorite especially for low impact workouts like yoga, barre, and walking! They feel very similar to the lululemon align legging but I think they have better compression and I love the high rise!

Nordstrom Sale – My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale will go live this week, I am going to grab these ugg slippers, try these famous leggings, and grab this jacket now for winter!

The Square Neck Top – Last week I did a blog post highlighting my favorite square neck tops. Read the post here. I loved this top here.

Breaking up with plastic- I have tried really hard to stop using plastic and switch to more sustainable items, read the post here for my tips and tricks.

Bathing suit- Warning, this suit will cause a lot of compliments! I snagged this suit and really love it! I am honestly shocked by the fit and material for the cost of the suit! Not all amazon purchases are winners but this one definitely is! I took the size Small in navy!

Must watch- I loved this movie so much, I thought the acting was great! It is based on a best selling novel too, I think that might be my next read!

Quick Read- I loved this fun time piece book, great read for summer!

Weekend Sales

It Cosmetics – Take 20% It Cosmetics ordering my favorite cc cream! This has been a go to of mine for maybe 3 years now! Just a “dab will do ya” and I love the sunscreen in this formula, I never get a burn and it never runs in my eyes! Thinking about grabbing this under eye concealer, I have used this balm before and loved it!

Netaporter- Up to 80% off Sale Styles! Love these jeans here, this is a great dress for now and early Fall, a great price on this cashmere wardrobe staple.

Back Country- This is my go to for items like patagonia, north face etc.. I live in this fleece sweatshirt,this vest would be great for winter, a great price point for this winter staple.

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