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Meet Julianne Buonocore AKA Jules! I met Jules one day at THREADS while she was shopping with her husband prior to a trip to Martha’s Vineyard! A few months passed by and we ran into each other at a comedy club to see one of my favorite comedians, Heather McDonald! Jules and I really hit it off, we had lots of mutual interests in pop culture,entertainment and of course, books! One day I noticed she had turned her personal Instagram account into a book and lifestyle account. I reached out to Jules to see if she would collaborate with me to pick out the books I should be sharing for The Co-op Reads, The Co-op’s monthly digital book club series, which starts next week!

I am often interested in why people choose to write blogs and how they got started, so I asked Jules to share her story on how she got into blogging. Below is her story on how she started

“I started my blog for so many reasons, almost exactly a year ago.  First, my wedding and honeymoon were officially over and I wanted a creative outlet.  Second, I felt like it was a good way to combine so many things I loved, like writing, photography and business, as well as learn new skills, which we can all benefit from in a constantly changing workforce.  I was already writing things like book lists and book reviews on a note-taking app, not to mention things like our favorite travel tips, so I thought, why not allow other people the benefit of my notes?  I also thought it was a good way to push myself out of my very introverted comfort zone, and I have grown so much from literally shaking when I posted my first Instagram post to now doing videos in my pajamas.  I also saw it as a way to meet like-minded friends as an adult, which can be difficult. And, I was looking for a way of spending my free time in a more meaningful way than scrolling through my phone, as well as finding my own personal way of “giving back” — I see promoting books as a great way of doing that, whether it means improving another person’s skills by encouraging them to read more or just giving them a recommendation for the perfect escape.  Lastly, I felt like if I made money from my hobby, I could put it towards my student loans, which I am trying to pay off by age 40 (sigh).  I decided to make my motto “where books meet lifestyle” because I can pair books with so many other things I love, like style, travel and healthy recipes. ” -Jules Buonocore

Be sure to follow Jules @Bookish_Jules and check out her website . Below I shared a few of my favorite blog posts and book recommendations from