Meet Caitlin

I am so excited to introduce everyone to The Co-op’s newest contributor Caitlin Fagenbaum! Caitlin and I met through Threads, Caitlin was repping  some of my favorite brands  that I carried at Threads. Caitlin will be contributing on all things fashion and lifestyle. As well as, contributing on all things Mom and Baby! We did a fun Q+A with Caitlin below! Make sure to check her out and follow her day to day style and clean beauty tips on her instagram @cpfajgenbaum!

Q + A With Caitlin

Q – How did you get your start in the fashion industry?

A – After I graduated college, I moved to New York City and started interning at Rebecca Taylor. It was an awesome place to start! Not only is Rebecca a pioneer in print mixing, she also shows in fashion week so I got to experience both creative development in the studio and show production on the runway….From there I started juggling a few other internships – trying to get my foot in the door. I was an intern for the head stylist on The Rachael Ray Show, as well as an intern for Splendid and Ella Moss. I learned so many different parts of the business, but ultimately received my first job offer at Splendid and Ella Moss where I started as a sales assistant and worked my way up to an account manager! From there, I transitioned my experience into the small business landscape at a local multi-line showroom in Philadelphia – Program F! I created so many amazing relationships with my clients, one being Anna from the Co-Op 🙂

Q – What is your biggest takeaway from working in Fashion?

A – Fashion in the US alone drives over $250 BILLION in sales annually, so there is a ton of pressure to SELL, SELL, SELL as soon as you start in the business! So, while I was learning so much every day, absorbing the ins and outs of the business, it was easy to get caught up in that pressure and lose sight of my personal life. So my biggest takeaway is to create boundaries to separate work from my “day” job. Being so stressed about hitting my numbers wasn’t making me a better employee, but once I put forth the effort to work on finding a balance, I was a lot happier.

Q – How would you describe your personal style? 

A – Modern/Chic. My closet is a sea of whites, blacks, heather greys and other neutrals! I love metallics sprinkled in too! I like to add color in the details of clothing and jewelry. For example, I love the rainbow trim on sweaters and sweatshirts or a more muted floral!  I follow all of the trends but tend to only shop the trends that I think would best fit into my existing wardrobe. I keep my jewelry minimal but have classic pieces that make a statement on their own.

Q – Since becoming a mom did you find that your style changed? 

A – Yes, so much! It’s much more natural and relaxed. I want more versatile pieces over anything that is detailed or fussy.  I think so much more about comfortability and making sure I can chase after Amelia and not flash anyone! I still like to keep up with the trends, which is perfect because athleisure is still very popular! My typical go-to outfit will be joggers or leggings with a cropped sweatshirt and trendier sneakers.  

Q- What are your favorite go to brands and stores?

A – For in store I know I can always find something quickly and for any occasion at Intermix and Theory have the best sales on their cashmere! I also, find easy go-to’s for everyday pieces at Madewell, Lululemon, and Rag + Bone. Some of my other favorite brands for everyday are Stateside, Monrow, and Beyond Yoga. However, if I’m looking to dress things up I typically will gravitate towards Alexis, L’agence, and ALC. 

Q- Favorite Sneakers?

A- My favorite sneakers of the moment are Phillipe Model and Golden Goose. 

Q – Favorite online shop?

A – For online, the options are endless but I love to check out the trends on Shopbop and go from there! 

Q – What are your favorite stores and brands for Amelia?
A – For amazing in-store experience I love to go to Born Yesterday in Rittenhouse. It’s my go to spot when my friends and family have new babies or birthdays! Also, during COVID they have even helped me curate the perfect gifts and ship it anywhere in the country! They were a huge lifesaver! My favorite online spot is Zara Kids. They have the cutest things at affordable prices and the quality is great! Splendid Kids also has the cutest outfits, and you can typically find them on sale!
Q – Favorite workout ? 

A –Peloton! Cody Rigsby’s classes make my day SO much better!
Q – Favorite restaurant in Philadelphia ?
A – So hard! Amada, Barbuzzo, Zahav, Double Knot – sorry couldn’t pick one!
Q – You’re a beauty counter representative, what inspired you to become a rep and move into “cleaner” beauty?

A – Did you know that 80% of ingredients in beauty products have never been tested for safety? AND even more mind blowing for me, chemicals linked to breast cancer, learning disabilities, infertility and other health issues are allowed in the products we use everyday. When I saw that it could affect my fertility among other things, I knew I needed to make some changes. I know it can seem daunting to switch everything over, but for me it started with finding a sunscreen for Amelia that wasn’t filled with chemicals! There are so many great ones on the market but my favorite by far have been BeautyCounter’s, which took all of the worry out of what I was putting on her body! It’s also the easiest to apply! 

Q – Hometown?
A – This has always been a tricky question for me! I lived in West Chester, PA until I was 14 and moved to Raleigh, NC for highschool and college. I currently live in Philadelphia with my husband and 2 year old daughter. 
Q – Favorite vacation spot? 
A – My favorite local vacation spot is Cape May, New Jersey! It’s an easy drive for us and always feels like a mini-vacation when we are able to get out of the city! Shout out to Cash and Clive which is my favorite boutique in Cape May 🙂 My favorite island vacation spot is Trinidad and Tobago.  My husband’s extended family lives there and everytime we go it feels like a little piece of heaven. The food, the beautiful islands, the company and fabulous accommodations — it’s a special place!
Q – What would your dream day be like?
A: Pre-Covid my dream day includes a facial from Rescue Rittenhouse, iced coffees and light shopping, a walk on Schuylkill banks and dinner with friends at any of my favorite restaurants. I really don’t need a lot right now