Amazon Home Decor Favorites

To be totally honest I never shopped much from Amazon prior to 2020. I now have at least a box delivered a day from Amazon and have loved getting some cute home decor pieces from them to mix in here and there and most are being delivered within 2 days.

Marble Pedestal – I have and love this pedestal to leave out on the counter with fresh fruit.

Ceramic Table Lamp – I think amazon has a great selection of table lamps and love how neutral this style is.

Monogram Glasses – One of our favorite wedding gifts were monogram glassware. These come in every letter and would make for great gifts!

Glass Knot – I have been working on decorating our coffee table and a console table and found this chic glass knot on Amazon. I absolutely love it and you’re not going to believe the price tag.

H Wool Blanket – I have seen and felt the real deal. It’s not worth the price tag. I also don’t know if I will always be in love with this blanket so I am going with this dupe. I love the colors it comes in and I won’t have a care in the world when Winston curls up in it!

Ceramic Garden Stool – I love using these to decorate patios, living rooms next to chairs, or using them to create height for house plants.

Tortoise Drinking Glasses – I love to change up our glassware and I just think these tortoise glasses are so chic.

Belly BasketsThese woven  grass belly baskets are my favorite decor/storage hack to use anywhere! I use these to put houseplants in, store blankets, throw pillows etc.

Gold Floor Lamp – Super sleek and chic and goes with most decor.

Coffee table books – I love to decorate with coffee tables books, they are super chic and I love to sit down and flip through one on occasion.

Gold LeafThis is a great little knick knack to have. I love to use it as a catch all tray on my nightstand.

XoXo Game – I love the idea of keeping this on a coffee table to play a quick game of X’s and O’s while just lounging around.

Acrylic Coffee Table – I think the acrylic coffee table is such a good design. Often, it’s super affordable, goes with most decor styles and they never take up too much visual space.

Wishbone Chair – The wishbone chair is having a major moment right now, great for dining chairs, desk chairs or putting in a corner of a room.

Herringbone Sisal Grass Rug – I love this rug, it’s an amazing price point and is a great neutral color.