The Best Of Amazon Home and Kitchen

Silicone Straws – We love these silicone straws for drinking smoothies and iced coffee etc.

Mason Jar Lids -We do a lot of juices and smoothies and I love to use these lids to use when we are juicing on the go!

Marble Mugs – I love these marble mugs and they also come in a few different colors and you can get the matching plate and bowl set here.

Pyrex – I know I am getting older when new pyrex and other glass storage containers excite me! These ones here by rubbermaid are part of the prime day sales.

Stasher Bags – I love these silicone “Ziplock” bags to store food and snacks in. I just throw mine in the dishwasher in between uses and they come out super clean! These are part of prime day!

Dish Towels – Because you can never have enough dish towels!

Cuisinart Food ProcessorThis is my most used kitchen gadget and I really don’t know what I did without it! I use it to make everything from homemade hummus, nut butters and use it daily to finely dice and chop vegtables.

Nutribullet – Oldie but a goodie we use this to make quick salad dressings, smoothies and grind spices. I think this is a must have especially if you’re tight on space and a blender would take up too much room.

Breville JuicerThis another can’t live without appliance since we juice everyday. I have had this juicer for about 3 years now and it has held up extremely well.

Cuisinart Coffee Maker – Basic drip coffee maker, but does the trick and brews excellent coffee. I believe this is part of Prime!

Cuisinart Perfect Tea Kettle – I prefer an electric tea kettle to a stove kettle and love the different temperature settings this kettle offers. 

VitamixThis Vitamix was a gift for our wedding. It really does work amazing well and is great for quick soups and smoothies.

Instant Pot – I love the Instant Pot and use it like I would a crock pot or rice steamer. This Instant Pot is on sale today! This Instant Pot is a 2 for 1 air fryer and instant pot combo and part of amazon prime!

Air Fryer – I don’t own this but it came the most recommended by all of you! I am tempted to get this because I heard it makes amazing vegtables like brussel sprouts, potatoes etc..

Air Purifier –  This is a life saver if you have any sort of allergies. I run mine 24/7 in the bedroom and it truly does produce cleaner air.

Floor Steamer- This is my gift to myself for prime day! I can’t wait to see my floors sparkle after I use this bad boy!

Robot VacuumThis is on my christmas wish list. It’s part of prime and I am thinking it will be great to constantly clean up crumbs etc in the kitchen.

Dyson Vacuum – I have owned this vacuum for 5 years and it’s amazing especially on rugs and great for getting all the dog hair. Definitely worth the price tag. 

Handheld Vacuum– We use this more than I thought we would! Great for cleaning hard to reach places, stairs, and the car!

Amazon Alexa Plug – Make any outlet in your home a smart outlet! This is part of prime and I’ll be getting 2 for our bedroom since we only have table lamps and no overhead lights!