10 Non-candy Halloween Treats To Make Your House The Best On The Block

Some of you may find this post helpful, others may just roll your eyes and say “Anna, just give the kids a goddamn kitkat bar and call it a Halloween”. To give you guys some context, I grew up in a house where my Mom had me convinced that raisins were “nature’s candy”. Yes, that’s right, she really handed out raisins, for Halloween. No one came to our house, can you imagine that?  Clearly I am the apple that didn’t fall far from the tree because I was so excited to think of some fun  treats to replace candy for Halloween! I rounded up 10 fun treats including little toys to give out for Halloween. 


Little individually wrapped brownie bars that are gluten free and allergy friendly.

Popcorn for the salty over sweet trick or treaters.

These snack packs offer a little cheddar crunch and a slightly sweet graham bunny!

For the sophisticated palate who is looking for that umami flavor.

The new age gummy bear, these dried mangoes are sweet, chewy and super fun to eat!

For the inner earth child, we have a variety of granola bar flavors and little granola bites.

 A great option for the plant based or dairy free.

Silly putty spooky style.

Squeezy Halloween creatures.

Glow sticks for the mini ravers in training … just kidding!