7 Different Recipes That Highlight A Sweet Potato!

A sweet potato may just be one of my favorite foods ever! I just find them to be incredibly warming and always super satisfying to eat. I love that they are a versatile food and can be made sweet or savory!  Here are 7 delicious recipes that highlight the sweet potato.

5 Spice Sweet Potato Muffins

These muffins look delicious and I love the use of 5 spice in them for a very interesting flavor profile! These would be perfect to serve for breakfast if you’re entertaining an out of town guest for Thanksgiving.

Mediterranean Sweet Potatoes

This recipe could not be easier and is perfect for a quick and easy weeknight dinner! Another plus is most ingredients are ones you probably already have on hand!

Sweet Potato Chill With Black Beans And Turkey

I love this sweet potato spin on a classic comfort dish! You can omit the turkey if you wish to keep it plant based! 

Sweet Potato & Goat Cheese Frittata

I love to do a frittata for dinner, especially when we need to use up extra veggies or just want to use up what we have on hand! I have never used a sweet potato in a frittata but think it would be delicious and have a nice mix of sweet and salty!

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Why have a pumpkin pancake when you can have a sweet potato pancake! Go a little extra crazy and whip up some maple syrup and crushed pecans into your butter! Yum!

Sweet Potato Falafel

These are my personal favorite falafel recipe!  I love to make a big batch of them on a weekend (they store and reheat very nicely). I usually have these on hand for an easy grab and go weeknight dinner or to top salads with for quick lunches! 

Thai Curry With Sweet Potato

My favorite Fall/Winter meal will almost always involve a Thai curry! I love the warming and unique blend of spices. I made this veggie packed curry the other day and it was an instant family favorite. It’s made our weekly rotation of favorite dinners! Another plus is that you can really use any vegetables you have on hand and you could add protein to this dish if you wish!