Sunday Scoop

The Sunday Scoop

Happy Sunday.. or more like Monday ! I feel so bad for getting the Sunday Scoop out this late! We had the most hectic weekend trying to wrap up everything on life and work, before I leave for FL. for the month of November!¬† I hope everyone enjoyed the extra hour of sleep from the clocks turning back, it’s actually one of my favorite days on the year, I love that extra hour oh so much! As we step into what will probably be a week filled with emotions and anxiety for many, I plan to continue posting on The Co-op business as usual. However, I will not be posting as much on social media. I actually find that during times of high emotion like this upcoming election, I prefer to just take a break from social media and just focus on what I can control. I encourage everyone to take a little more time for yourself this week, make sure to get great sleep, eat clean healthy foods, get outside and exercise etc. Small things that make everything better! With that being said I tried my best to fill this week’s Scoop with some good articles on election anxiety, fun shopping finds, and comforting healthy recipes!

Stressed out for Tuesday? This article from NPR offers 4 Simple ways to cope with election stress. This article from NY times is along the same lines to the NPR article but nonetheless a productive read!

Combating The Fall Uglies – Ugh they are so real right? Dry skin, weird hair, tired and only craving carbs? Check out these suggestions here!

Sweet Potato – I rounded up 7 sweet potato recipes (sweet and savory) you have to try, check them out here!

October best sellers! The October best seller edit is live! You guys loved this “H” blanket! It’s amazing, I love it and I think it would make a great gift! This Cardigan is also amazing and I love that it’s 100% cotton! See full article here!

Virtual Workouts- I asked you delivered! An overwhelming amount of you said that The Melissa Wood Health Workouts were your favorite at home workouts and I am loving them! She does a free trial week so be sure to check it out here!

Okay that’s all I have because, I have to be up at 4am for a Flight! Check out all the fun things I have on my shopping list below! Have a great week everyone!


Sunday Shopping List