4 Unique Gift Ideas For This Holiday Season

 4 Unique Gift Ideas

Sakara Life

Sakara Life – A plant based organic food delivery service as well as a website / media outlet educating consumers about the power of plant based foods. Currently 25% off all meal programs and wellness essentials. Code BLACKFRIDAY2020

MElissa Wood HEalth

Melissa Wood Health – Melissa creates and shares the best workouts ever that you can do virtually anywhere anytime. Not only are her workouts or flows as she calls them effective they are also quick and gentle. She also has the most wonderful and soothing presence. Currently you can gift a year of her workouts for $79.99. I listed a few items I love to incorporate into her workouts below like these Bala ankle and wrist weights.


Higherdose – Infrared red blanket. Infrared saunas are the newest rage in health and wellness right now. Since an actually sauna takes up alot of space and a bit of an investment space these blankets are a great alternative. Currently Higherdose is offering $100 with code : HEAT100

Juniper Print Shop

Unique Gift ideas - Juniper prints
Unique gift ideas - Juniper Prints

Juniper Print Shop – This print shop is my new favorite way to by affordable art work! It’s an interesting service because you can buy the digital download of whatever piece of art you like, then you print and frame the piece. Also, once you own the digital download it’s yours forever so you can always re-print the art in bigger or smaller sizes if need be! I linked some of my favorite store for frames below! Now is a great time to buy a few of the prints since most are 40% off!

I hope these 4 unique gift ideas serve you well this holiday season!