The Co-op Reads | In A Holidaze

We are officially in the Holidays so Jules and I thought it fitting to read In A Holidaze. So grab your favorite cozy blanket and snuggle in for a fun holiday Read!

In a Holidaze has been on my radar for months for our December book club.  Authors Christina Lauren (a pen name for two authors who co-write together) are hugely popular and beloved rom-com novel writers (I particularly love The Unhoneymooners).  So, I knew In a Holidaze would be the “it” book of this holiday season.  And I think we all need a little rom-com relief this particular holiday season! 
It starts after a Christmas in which a lot goes wrong for Maelyn at her family’s usual “Christmas with friends” at a snowy Utah cabin, and she leaves wishing to find happiness.  It seems like things can’t get worse until a car crash occurs, and Maelyn begins to relive her Christmas vacation as if it were Groundhog Day.  But, the others insist a car crash never occurred, and that she just woke up from a bad dream.  As Maelyn navigates Christmas all over again in her “dazed” state, she tries to fix everything that went wrong the first time she experienced Christmas.  And, of course, there’s a love triangle and some holiday steaminess in store! In a Holidaze is a perfectly light and unique holiday rom-com about the power of holiday wishes.
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