The Sunday Scoop

Sunday Scoop

Happy Sunday everyone! I just recently had one of those weird mind f*ck realizations that 2020 is almost over and that we are in the middle of December. I feel like a broken record but truly I feel like so much as happened this year and yet it still feels like ground hogs day? Do you totally feel the same it’s a weird feeling?  I just rounded up a few of my favorite home finds, a few boots I just ordered and the new documentary I just started! Have a great Sunday everyone!

Cult like Christmas – Nothing says happy holidays like watching a documentary about a cult.. just kidding! No but seriously cults and extreme groups really fascinate me. Linked the trailer here if you’re interested. 

In a daze – In A Holidaze that is! Have you picked up the new December Reads book? Jules and I picked In A Holidaze for this months read. I am about half way through right now! It’s very rom com, sort of like Bridget Jones Diary meets groundhogs day. The perfect no think enjoyable winter read!

Holiday Decorating – I am a minimalist when it comes to holiday decor, I just picked up  cute topiaries from traders joes and put them in these planters. I also found these at terrain for 30% off I think these would be great gifts to send someone as well!

Some Fun Kitchen Finds – This little kitchen scrubber / soap dispenser sparked some serious joy for me this week.

Recipe Recap – I made a  lemon beet hummus and it’s to die for! I like to make a big batch of it on the weekend and  snack on with veggies, it also makes a great dip to bring to a party but you know Covid so no double dipping!

Mou(ve) over uggs – Winter is coming so that can only mean one thing, buy a pair of warm boots! These boots might just be my new favorite sherpa lined winter boot! 

Brava to Bravaco – You guys have to check out My friend is doing a very cool boutique pop up concept. Today all styles available will be 50% off you can shop the website then dm Peggy to purchase for the 50% off discount! I love this red jacket, this ayr robe coat is a must have, and these Yes, yes, yes jeans are my new favorite!

 On the rebound – I am currently researching the best rebounder aka mini trampoline. I keep hearing wonderful things about this low impact but high result driven workouts! Also these Lekfit workout seem like lots of fun, and will be perfect to do in a small space like my apartment! I am using this article here to help me in purchasing a rebounder and will report back!

Last Minute Gifts – Need Last minute gift ideas? I will be posting a whole last minute gift edit tomorrow! In the meantime check out the full list of our favorite gifts to give and receive here!

Sunday Shopping & Sales

Anthropologie – 30% off beauty & wellness and 40% off all clothing! Here is what caught my eye –  This diffuser, this cute cashmere sweater and these freedom moses sandals ( for this spring /summer )

Netaporter – Up to 60% off  select sale – You have to dig a bit but I found these mother jeans here and here and this Cami NYC tank. See more styles below!

Cuyuna – Clean and crisp silhouettes and an amazing line of timeless leather goods! I love this crossbody and these leather desk accessories would make for perfect last minute gifts! See more styles below!