The Co-op Clean Beauty Favorites

Clean, non-toxic beauty isn’t just for your Aunt Susan, you know the one that dresses in a shirt made from flax and her make up is from a beekeeper she met at a Woodstock craft fair. It’s now for the vein, like myself! Just kidding! A few years back I started researching and prioritizing purchasing clean beauty products after reading several articles on the ingredients in well known and sought-after makeup brands and products. Realizing that my bathroom was full of products containing carcinogens and endocrine disruptors,I started to seek better brands that were working with non- toxic and pure ingredients that not only enhance one’s natural beauty but also nourish the skin! Like most well curated makeup routines the process takes time to find the products you love the most. My suggestion, when switching to clean beauty, is to find reputable stores (my personal favorite are Follain, Credo and Beauty counter) that only carry clean beauty products and just start swapping into clean products one at a time. I built up my clean makeup routine over the course of time! Below is my current collection of clean makeup products I am loving. 

*side note – I have extremely sensitive skin, so if you do as well, these products may also work very well for you!

Saie Beauty

Star Glow – A nice glowy primer this can be used on it’s own for a sheer glow or add your favorite cc cream or concealer on top.

Slip-Tint – An everyday tinted moisturizer with spf 35 I wear in shade 2 but could have easily gone up to 3. 

Dew Balm – The most beautiful cream highlighter I wear in color  “rosy gold”.

Really Great Gloss – A perfect everyday lip gloss that’s not too sticky I wear color “Chill” and it’s a nice dusty rose.


Tinted Daily Lip Balm -I love this product it’s very moisturizing and comes in beautiful colors.You do need to reapply throughout the day since it’s a lip balm versus lipstick. I wear color “passion”.

Pressed Blush – I prefer a powder blush to a cream so this product is perfect for me! The pigment in this blush is nice and strong so a little goes a long way!

W3ll People

Mascara – This is the best mascara I have ever used and you can easily build it up for a more dramatic eye. I wear in color “pro-black”.

Liquid Eyeliner – I rarely use liquid eyeliner, but when I do this one is very nice and again a little goes a long way. I wear in color “black”.

Baked Powder – A great everyday powder to add a little coverage to the face or take away a little shine. I wear color ” medium golden”

Mineral Fusion

Bronzer – Currently using this bronzer and I love that it has two shades perfect for those who like to contour! I wear color “luster”.


Color Haze Multi Use Pigment – A nice lip to cheek color it’s more matte on the lip and nice and glowy on the cheek. I took color “temptation”.

Beauty Counter 

Velvet Eyeshadow Palettes – Beauty counter makes the best eyeshadow palettes! The colors are beautiful and they last forever I have the romantic color palette and the classic color palette which has beautiful colors for those who love to do a smokey eye.

Overnight Resurfacing Peel – I have been a long time fan of the overnight peel, it’s incredibly gentle yet leaves you with a beautiful glowy face every am.