Sunday Scoop

Sunday Scoop

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday! Our holidays were simple, but perfect. We had a super fun Christmas Eve day with Justin’s immediate family and are spending a quick overnight with my immediate family this weekend. I actually loved the no pressure go with the flow attitude Christmas 2020 brought us. We have a busy week ahead and I love to end a year strong, it’s the perfect week to tie up all those loose ends or complete a goal or task that you never got to in 2020. I highly encourage you do to the same, it feels so good going into a new year with goals and tasks already started or better yet completed. Get the scoop on all the things that sparked a little joy this past week!

Bridgerton- We started Bridgerton on netflix and both Justin and I really think its funny and quick humor.

Vegan Lasagna – I created this lasagna a few weeks ago and it’s so delicious. I made it for Christmas Eve and everyone went nuts for it! 

Beautycounter – Beautycounter is having a major sale and it includes my favorite eyeshadow palette. Shop the sale here!

Cards Against Humanity – This game is naughty and very out there but it’s a really great ice breaker / party starter!

Guest List – I just finished the Guest List on Audible and loved it! It’s suspenseful and a touch steamy with some hidden secrets that connect the past lives of the guests!

Bouncing into the New Year – I just bought this rebounder and love it! Very 80’s cardio workout vibes!

Sauna review part 1 – Read my review on our infrared sauna here. In a few more weeks I can answer some more questions on energy usage etc.

Setting intentions – I am not really a “new year new you” kinda person. I think we have the ability to make good choices, form habits and control our attitudes anytime of the year. This podcast episode is a great reminder of our intentions and our autonomy over them. 

Sunday Shopping & Sales

Ssense – Has amazing deals on designer shoes right now! 

Anthropologie – Take an extra 40% off sale! 

J.crew – Take an extra 70% off 3 or more sale styles!

Shopbop – Take an extra 30% off sale! 

See Full List Of Holiday Sales To Note Here!