Favorite Purchases of 2020

I was super excited to share my favorite purchases of 2020, then as I went to prepare a list I realized that I really didn’t purchase much in 2020. Most of my favorite purchases are simple or practical home purchases I truly use them daily or weekly.

Home & Kitchen

Breville Juicer – This was not a 2020 purchase. However, this juicer was my most used and favorite kitchen appliance in our house and I was so happy to have my own juicer during quarantine. This juicer is super easy to use and most parts can be washed in the dishwasher, which is a huge plus!

Multipure Water Filter – You know you’re getting old when a built in water filter sparks lot’s of joy!

Irobot – By far this is my favorite home purchase of 2020. It truly cleans especially kitchen crumbs and dog hair. 

Infrared Sauna – My top purchase of 2020. See my review here. I am also, hearing great things about this infrared blanket which is more affordable and doesn’t take up any space!

Serena & Lily – La Jolla Baskets. The best baskets for your home hands down! Not only are they super cute but incredibly functional. You can store anything in them from extra linens, blankets, yoga mats or toys!

The Brynn Sofa –  I was so skeptical of this purchase and most definitely thought it would act as an interim couch. I am happy to report we absolutely love it and think it’s incredibly comfortable. 

Fashion & Accessories

AYR Deep End Shirt – The perfect button up shirt. I have the stripe version (on sale here), and I can’t wait to add to more colors to my collection.

Everlane Bra– I really love this seamless bra, it’s not very supportive, but I am not working with a whole lot so I love it. It’s great for days where I will be wearing tees, and layering on big sweaters.

Jannie Sweatshirt – It’s cozy, it’s cute, it has puff shoulders, and its elevated! It’s the perfect sweatshirt for days you want to be cute and cozy but not feel sloppy!

Travel Bag – I think these makeup bags are just darling and they make wonderful gifts.

Blublox Glasses – I just purchased these blublox glasses and really notice a difference in eye strain while spending days on my computer!


Saie Star Glow – I love love love this star glow product! I would describe it like a primer meets liquid highlighter.. It’s perfect to give you the perfect shimmer and natural glow and the best part is it’s 100% clean / non-toxic.

Beautycounter Eyeshadow – I love this eyeshadow palette it’s full of beauty natural colors and I love how the product stays in place all day! It’s currently on major sale so it’s a great time to grab one!

RMS BlushThis is my new favorite powdered blush! I have it color which is a really pretty pink! The pigment is pretty strong, so a little goes a long way and lasts all day!

Amazon Finds

H Blanket – I am not one to wear / purchase dupes. However, I find the real deal to be a bit  trendy and the real deal is the most scratchy uncomfortable thing you’ll ever feel! I grabbed a few of these from amazon and they are fun to throw on a chair / couch and I am not worried when the dog curls up in them!

Dinning ChairsThese metal chairs were an nice amazon surprise! I really love them because they are super versatile and stack upon each other. We are currently using them as our dining chairs, but I plan to to use them as  an outdoor chair in another home.

Cropped Sweater – I love this little cropped sweater, I wear it like I would a sweatshirt with leggings and jeans. It’s soft and cozy but not super precious like a cashmere sweater so I tend to wear it more when I am cooking, running errands etc.. yet I still look cute and pulled together.

Baggu Bags – The best reusable bags that come in the cutest prints! I use them for everything from carrying groceries, going to farmers markets, and using for quick beach bags!

Camo Fanny Pack – The bag I never thought I would ever use, soon became my go to bag. I love being hands free while walking around the city or walking our dog and this little bag carries everything I could ever need or use!

Rebounder – I just purchased this and really love it for a quick cardio workout in my apartment and I love doing these lekfit workouts with it!