Wellness Trends For 2021

Eat More Plants (Whole Plants - Not that vegan soy chicken Bull Sh*t)

The earth, our only place to call home, is crumbling apart and literally on fire in certain parts. Our waistlines are growing and expanding and our water system is polluted. This information is scary and heavy but you should feel super empowered because you have 3 times a day where you get to choose to have a positive impact on the environment and your personal health! By choosing to eat one plant based meal a day for an entire year, you’ll save almost 200,000 gallons of water (that’s 11,400 showers!) and the pollution equivalent to about 3,000 miles driven in your car (roughly LA to NYC).” ( see article quoted here)

I think a super easy way to get more plants into your day to day diet is making smoothies for breakfast. Need some smoothie recipe inspiration? Try this refreshing one here! Need some lunch inspiration? Swap out that turkey sandwich for this hearty and comforting lentil soup, make a batch of it on Sunday and have it for the weeks lunches! Also, most of the recipes on The Co-op are plant based as well. 

Medicinals Mushrooms

“Here’s a shocking fact: As humans, we share almost half of our genetic makeup with mushrooms, and are affected by a lot of the same diseases and problems as mushrooms. Thus, we can easily take advantage of the special immune-enhancing benefits and other survival methods that they build for themselves. “

See Quoted Article Here 

A few of my favorite ways to incorporate mushrooms into my day to day life is by consuming them in my tea and coffee drinks! I really love the company four sigmatic. They make wonderful tea and coffee products filled with medicinal mushrooms like chaga, corteseps and reshi.

Circadian Fasting

 “In a nutshell, circadian fasting means aligning your eating with the body’s natural circadian rhythms — aka, being active during the day and resting at night. In terms of food, that means not eating from evening until morning.” – Dr. Amy Shah

See Quoted Article Here

How I do it-  The winters are hard because we have a lack of natural sunlight however I still try to practice circadian fasting – essential I try to align my energy and eating schedule with the sun. So In the Winters I try and wake a little later than I would like to, around 7 – 7: 30, I try to get outside within the first hour of waking up even if it is just for a quick walk this gets my body moving and realizing it’s day time. I typically wait until 12:30 or 1pm to break my “fast” I typically break with a vegetable juice, Then around 3 or 4pm I have a large salad as my “lunch” or pre dinner followed with a dinner around 5:30pm. Then I am done eating for the night and since the sun is setting, my body can now do restful things indoors, like fold laundry, respond to emails etc.

Follow Dr. Amy Shah on instagram. She is really a master and and researcher at circadian fasting and the many health benefits it has. 

A Natural Beauty

Say hello to natural dewy skin. Start buying products that for filled with items we can say and pronounce and can grow in a natural environment. Throw out the shiny plastic bottles that are filled with man made scary cancer and endocrine disruptors. It’s hard, I know, we have come to love these products. I have never tried smoking but I think I would probably love that too, however, I know it’s bad for me, so I don’t. We need to stop washing our hair, covering up dark circles and injecting our bodies with cancer in the name of looking young and vibrant.

Here is a list of my favorite clean beauty retailers –





Below are my favorite resources to find out more scientifically proven harmful ingredients in common beauty care products


Think Dirty (App)

Build A Mental Health Toolkit

If you have never experienced stress or anxiety 2020 has popped your cherry! When it comes to mental health there can be a lot of stigma associated with it, I say stigma shmigma. Life is hard, it will always be hard, build a mental health tool kit. 

What’s In my Toolkit

When shit hits the fan and it does…it is…it has. I make sure I get outside everyday for at least an 1 hour and 30 mins

  • I make sure to drink water and lots of it.
  • I make myself a to do list with small capable tasks. To keep myself moving forward.
  • I make sure to green juice & eat salads (these foods are alkaline so they naturally elevate my mood and gently detox and heal my body.
  • I tell my husband what I need from him
  • I get professional help – I think tela-therapy is an amazing tool.