Questions To Ask Yourself While Cleaning Out Your Closet


I was folding a massive pile of laundry last week, keep in mind that folding laundry is my least favorite household chore. So as I am folding this massive pile of laundry that mostly exists of old ratty college sweatpants, band tees with coffee stains, and some old flannel PJ bottoms I am thinking… “Anna, this is a waste of time, throw all of these items out. You have a drawer full of perfectly nice pajamas sets, yet you always wear these gross mismatched items that take up a lot of time and effort to wash and fold them, all to just figure out how to stuff them back into a drawer.” This spun me out of control and I began to purge my drawers and closet. Asking myself these questions while cleaning out, really helped me make the tough decisions!

  • Does owning this item make my life better or easier in any way. For example, old T-shirts I got for free don’t positively impact my life, a nice pajama set does have a positive impact.
  • Does this item have a place in my wardrobe? Can I think of at least 3 ways I can style it with items I already own?  
  • Does this piece need more work than it’s worth?  For example, we have all bought that item on major sale that now needs a special bra for it or it needs to be tailored or you need to go out and now buy certain shoes to go with it. 

Now that you have piles of items to be removed from the closet make a resell and donate pile and actually follow through with getting those pieces out of the house.

Here are my favorite places I like to resell items if in good condition (National & Local)

The RealReal (see post here)


Clothing Mentor

Buffalo Exchange

Remix On Main


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