The Co-op Edit | The Best Pajama Sets

A proper set of pajamas is probably one of life’s greatest pleasures, I often think it’s underrated in terms of depicting how productive a day will be as well. Hear me out – I think it’s super easy to wake up in  grungy old college sweats and band t-shirts and before you know it, it’s 3pm and your still in the same outfit. Whereas if you sleep in a proper set of Pajamas, you are more likely to get out of bed, make your bed, and get ready for the day. I ordered a few of the top trending pajama sets on the market and gave each style a review below! 

Lake Pajamas – If you want it done right, do it yourself and that’s exactly what the founders of Lake Pajamas did. Lake was founded in 2014 when two Mom’s couldn’t find the perfect pair of pajamas, so they set out to make their own! These pajamas are truly divine. They are very soft yet very breathable and they are designed with an eye for detail. I love the classic silhouettes and subtle stripe prints and the beautiful feminine and classic colorways most of the styles come in.

Eberjey – These classic pajamas have a cult like following from celebrities to mega influencers dubbing eberjey as their favorite Pajama line. I can easily see why! These are truly luxurious, the fabric is light-weight and slinky but not staticky. The fabric drapes on the body like a well made dress rather than a pajama. I love how these pajamas impossibly timeless and will last you for years. These eberjey would make for a really lovely gift.

* You can get the eberjey look with this pajama here and here. While these dupes are soft and comfortable, they are no match for the quality of eberjey. 

Roberta Roller Rabbit – I had high hopes for these pajamas and was sadly disappointed. While the print options for Roberta Roller Rabbit Pajamas are impossibly cute. I find the fabric to be a bit cheap feeling. They feel a bit cool to the touch when you first put them on and then you quickly become hot, and the fabric does not breathe well. I also think the fit could be approved on these pajamas as well. 

J.Crew Dreamy Cotton – These are my tried and true pajamas. I own a few sets in both the navy and grey stripe. They are very comfortable, soft and the fabric breathes very nicely. I love the fit of them, they run true to size and they wash like a dream! I have owned one pair for 5 years now and they look and feel brand new! I would highly recommend this set!

Honeydew Ipanema – This line, Honeydew Intimates, is a new to me line! I really love the banded cuff trouser and matching pullover crew, it gives more of a jogger set vibe versus traditional pajama set. These were a touch on the thin side which maybe nice as we head more towards Spring/Summer. The print on this particular style is super cute and the color is really pretty in person! I think these are the best option for a pajama set under $60.