Are Robot Vacuums The New Housekeeper?

Does a programmable robot vacuum seems too good to be true to you?  It did to me for years! My thought was ” no way was this little circular disk going to get into the nooks and crannies of our home and actually suck up all the dog hair and those pesky crumbs that seem to occur even when no one was even in the kitchen”. I put off buying the irobot for years because I just assumed that it would be another gadget that doesn’t really work. However, I have heard good things about the Roomba by Irobot so during the amazon prime deals I pulled the trigger and asked my Mom for the irobot as Christmas gift (LOL). At least if the Irobot sucks and doesn’t surpass my expectations it was a gift, and I can sleep with that at night. With that being said, it’s by far one of my favorite gifts I have ever received and I would definitely purchase another for myself and others down the road. I really can’t believe how well it works, it goes under the bed, the couches, console tables, all of the places that you would have to move furniture to vacuum under. It maneuvers in and out of the island stools and dining chairs and hugs the baseboards and kickboards of cabinets really well! It works best on tile and hardwood and while it does work well on rugs, I still prefer to pull out the Dyson every few days to really get our rugs super clean. I do run the irobot daily when I am out of the house typically while I walk the dog, run errands etc. I do find that the motor noise can get a little annoying while at home since it runs for 90 minutes. I clean out the vacuum canister about every other clean. At first I wasn’t using the app on my phone but since doing that it has been a game changer and I can send the roomba to pick up specific messes in the kitchen or bathroom. Okay now that I have only sung the sweet sounds of praise for the roomba there are a few things I should point out. You need to pick up the small things before running it. It will sweep up and “eat” things like phone charger cords, blind pulls, computer chargers etc, so just make sure those things are picked up off the ground. Sometimes it gets stuck under the bed or in a room for too long, but again this is where the app comes in handy because you can request the rooms it cleans! So there you have it, a trusted review from someone who loves a clean floor so much I used to vacuum our home 2x a day, now I just do it about 2 times a week (with a Dyson)! If you have always wanted one but are skeptical, I would say go ahead and grab one, they really are such a treat and you”ll love always coming home to a freshly vacuumed home!

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