Chasing My Cure

“In essence, this is a story about dying, from which I hope you can learn about living.”

-Chasing My Cure By Doctor David Fajgenbaum 

Chasing My Cure By Doctor David Fajgenbaum is a beautifully written memoir filled with anecdotal stories of hardships and life circumstances that will leave you feeling entirely inspired, hopeful and perhaps teary eyed.

You may recognize the last name Fajgenbaum, from The Co-op contributor Caitlin, Dr. Fajgenbaum is her husband and author of Chasing My Cure. I have known Caitlin in a professional form since 2016. We have always had lovely chats about our husbands/family lives outside of work yet they were light and surfaced since we were in a professional work setting.  I knew of Dave’s story but never to the fullest extent. Chasing My Cure and seems more of a riveting fictional novel versus a memoir. After reading this book, I truly believe that Dave and Caitlin are extraordinary humans. They have an ability to look for and find the silver linings in hardships and use their god given talents to better the lives of other people,which is truly inspiring.  I truly hope all of you are able to read and/or listen to this inspiring memoir.

Currently Dr.Fajgenbaum has redirected his research Center at Penn to launch CORONA. It’s the world’s largest database of 350+ treatments administered to 250,000+ patients, and they have identified 10 highly promising drugs that they’re working with FDA to advance to save lives asap!