How To Create An Apartment Size Home “Gym”

Calling all tight space dwellers! I think I found the perfect at home “gym” set up when living in tight spaces! One the pandemic hit and gyms / studios closed  I knew I had to find equipment that will deliver the same feel and results I get from using gym equipment but without the bulk of huge equipment. All my at home equipment has to break down, fold flat or be able to be stored in a basket. I also found some great workout classes to stream to help motivate me to stay committed to my workouts! I think I found the winning formula and have listed them below.

To first set up my “gym” I made parameters for the pieces to come into the apartment. I dislike the site of clutter so all equipment had to fold flat to store under the bed, under our the couch, or fit into a basket with a lid.

Equipment for small home gym

Bala Bangles

The Best Ankle & Wrist Weights

Storage Baskets

A Lidded Basket To Store Equipment In


Serious Cardio In Minutes

All of this “gym” equipment can be folded flat and stored under the bed or couch or stored in baskets. 

Rebounder – Rebounders are great and I feel like they are a super underrated piece of exercise equipment. You can quickly get your heart rate pumping on these as well as get some serious lymphatic drainage going on (see article here on importance of lymphatic drainage). They are also super fun. I like this model because it’s super quiet, very sturdy, has a nice bounce and can easily store under our bed when we are not using it. The reviews on this rebounder are correct, it is hard to set up if you don’t watch the youtube video and it is a job for a super strong person because of the tension in the springs. All in all, we are super happy with it, and I don’t think you can beat that price!

Kettlebells – I think kettlebells are an amazing piece of equipment, they are super versatile and really sort of fun to work out with! I love to do squats with them! The Wall Cycling Studio has great classes, you can stream using kettlebells, I also youtube workouts as well!

Yoga Mat – Most of you probably own a yoga mat by now, but if you don’t this would be your first item to purchase. I personally love these B Mats. 

Free weights – I have 3 and 5 pound free weights and I swear by this quick 10 minute arm workout on youtube. I do this workout about 4 times a week and can see some serious arm definition happening. 

Bala Ankle & Wrist Bangles – I feel like I see these everywhere and are the 2020’s equivalent to the 80’s leg warmers! I use them for all my Melissa Wood Health Workouts and will also wear them while I power walk. I am sure it’s a laughable sight to see!

Basket – Get a cute basket that will hide all of your equipment when not in use. I love these  la jolla baskets and linked a few more options that I think are cute too!

Best Workouts To Stream

My Favorite Workouts To Stream.

The Glow Method

Really Great Sculpt, Barre & Vinyasa Flow Classes.


Hi Energy Fun Cardio Workouts & Long Lean Sculpting

Melissa Wood Health

Gentle Movement Anytime Anywhere