The Co-op | Legging Edit & Review

There are so many leggings out on the market right now but not are all made equal and I think there is probably nothing worse than trying to work out in an ill fitting legging! I reviewed some of the top selling legging styles on the market and gave my two sense on them! Here are my personal requirements for what constitutes the perfect legging. The legging must must have great compression, have a lifting effect to the bum region and the waistband can not dig into the waist. I hope this review helps you find you’re next favorite pair of leggings! 

Lululemon - Fast & Free

These are my personal favorite for any type of exercise

Best Bang For The Buck

Cute Colors, Great Fit, Great Price

Extra Soft & Comfy

So Soft & Comfy You'll Be Ditching Your Sweats For These

LuluLemon Fast & Free – These are my top picks. I have been wearing these leggings for about 2 years now and own a few pairs between the legging and capri styles. I love the compression, they really hold you in and feel like they support you versus squeeze you. I love the highwaist on this style as well. Again, supportive and holds you in versus squeeze. And like most lulu styles it has great little pockets throughout to stash keys, phone, a credit card etc.

Athleta Salutation Stash Pocket II 7/8 Tight– I really like these, they feel more like the lululemon align jogger but are a touch thicker and have more compression. I love the length on these, they are great for my fellow petite ladies! The waistband is super supportive. My only complaint is that I feel like the compression in this style pulls down on the body versus lifting up. 

Amazon Leggings – I have posted about these before and really love these leggings! They are often around $25, although I have seen the price change! I love them because they are ultra soft and the fit is really good. I do find that they do stretch with wear and time. I don’t love to run in these but I will wear to walk, yoga, gym etc. I think these are fun to wear in the fun colors like this blue!

IVL – Big time influencer Emily Jackson Of Ivory Lane just launched this fitness line. This line is young and I don’t think the design is perfected yet, but I think big things are coming for them!  I am keeping my eye on IVL for down the road. These did have good compression, but the waistband dug in and I wasn’t a fan of the hem line, it wrinkled and made the legging look like a cheap fit.

Outdoor Voices – Warning this review is harsh – Frankly I am pissed. Like putting these leggings on made me mad, they were so uncomfortable. I couldn’t wait to pull them off. The compression, fit, fabric, the color block design, all of it, all horrible! I am honestly shocked by my experience with these leggings because I wanted to love them. I love the company and think they do great marketing, etc, and are inclusive of all shapes sizes and activities but the product was not great (again personal opinion). 

Beyond YogaThese leggings are butter super soft and simply delightful. These are definitely best for yoga, walking and weekending! I am going to toss all my sweats and switch to these for weekend leggings. The Compression on these were good, but I could see where you might want to do a darker color if your worried about lumps and bumps showing through the legging, they are a touch on the thin side. The wasit on these are perfect and are supportive and doesn’t dig in!

Alright That’s It! Let me know what your favorite legging brand is!