Winter Gear Style

It’s cold, it’s windy, it’s dark and dreary and that’s why they call it Winter (Now cue the jazz hands)! Anyways, I have challenged myself and I suppose all of you to getting outside for at least an hour and half a day! In early January I saw this post by this blogger who does a 1,000 outside challenge and thought it was extremely interesting! While my hour and half won’t quite meet the challenge, it’s doable and I am really enjoying getting out and moving my body for a solid hour and half a day. Try for yourself, make it your time, I call friends, catch up with parents, and listen to books or podcasts on days I am walking and some days I run/walk the dog. Another plus has been stumbling across really cute side streets and different neighborhoods in the city. 

It sounds silly and something we should all be doing by now, but it took me almost 30 years to realize the importance of properly dressing for the weather and buying really good quality winter gear no matter if it lacks a sense of chic street style. Check out my go to winter gear weather for embracing the cold! 

I know this edit is filled with lot’s of navy and black colorways but I do like to stick to these classic colors to keep replacing winter gear easy so when/if  I do find pieces on sale at end of season they will fit in while with my current Winter gear collection. 

Canada Goose Jacket These babies really live up to the hype. This style is super similar to the one I own. It cuts the wind like nobody’s business and keeps you toasty and warm. Most styles are water repellent which is great for the days when its that rainy icy mixture. My only regret is not going all out and getting the full body sleeping bag style like this

Kyi Kyi Beanie – These beanies were best sellers every year at Threads. These beanies are nice and thick and are great for windy days. The fleece lining makes these super soft and cozy! 

Sorel Sneaker / Boot – I love these sneaker/boot hybrids. Great for days you are walking or running errands. They are slightly lifted so they keep you up and out of the slush and the traction is great for the patches of ice that form!

Patagonia Puffer Vest – I love these puffer vests for layering under my canada goose and will layer over my patagonia puffer coat for runs. They are light weight and keep your core toasty warm!

Running Gloves – I love these gloves for running.

Patagonia Re-tool Snap Pullover –  This fleece pullover is my favorite style from patagonia. I love to layer these up for big walks and runs and they are cute to wear with jeans and sweaters too! I do size up to a small because I find they run a touch short in the arms!

Patagonia Better SweaterThe Better Sweater should be called the have it forever sweater! Both Justin and I have and still wear these fleece/sweater pullovers for runs and layer to ski and we have owned them since college and they are still in great shape!

Patagonia Nano Puffer – Lightweight puffer for winter runs is a must. I also wear this style jacket from October through early April on cool morning walks and runs and it’s the perfect jacket to pack for trips!

Lululemon Leggings – Getting fleece lined/brushed leggings is life changing. I found a few more options from sweaty beauty and Athleta as well!

Smartwool Socks – My favorite winter running/ski socks. These are warming and wicking and really keep any moisture away. 

Waterproof Sneakers – I have a major issue with cold wet feet. Waterproof sneakers are game changing if you live in area with wet rainy snowy slushy weather. These are much better for hiking and walking in my opinion I find them to be too rugged and a touch heavy for running!