10 Random Things I loved This Month –

Welcome to a new series on The Co-op, “10 random things”. The series is just a random list comprised of my favorite things from the month of January. In the subsequent months to follow, you can expect to find my monthly favorites from Pinterest pins to recipes, favorite shows and podcast episodes, to everyday mundane things like a really good organic coffee company find or the best organic cotton rounds ever. See what I mean? Random! I think we often underestimate how great boring and average seeming things are in life and this list is chock full of them

Coffee Snob Taste Test – Both Justin and I are self-proclaimed coffee snobs. Almost to the point where it’s annoying for us to drink coffee out, because we feel that our drip or French press coffee is better. Ugh, yes, we are those people! Anyways we ran out of this organic coffee from Vermont and Target was the only store open so we tried this Target brand organic coffee and it was delicious!

A new favorite follow – I have been loving following @stepahnietrotta of The Girl Guide. Stephanie shares her love of classic styles in which she brilliantly mixes high and low to create the most beautiful and wearable style!

Maybe she slept 10 hours or maybe she applied concealer – This is my new favorite clean concealer, It is much like the famous shape tape from tart that everyone loves yet I think it applies a little better and is more hydrating.

Calling all Snarky Humor lovers – If you love snarky humor and quick to the point, matter of fact answers. Fran is your girl! I loved watching this mini series on Netflix with Fran Lebowitz

Whipped and Warm – I really love this little milk frother, it’s just such a lovely treat to have a splash of hot milk with just a little foam in your morning coffee. 

Wasn’t kidding about the cotton rounds – These really are the best organic cotton rounds. I love that they are super soft yet very sturdy, and don’t pill on your face like other brands I have tried. These plus a little p50 and bam an instant home facial!

Calm – Most nights I sleep like a baby, but sometimes I just need a little something something to mellow me out a bit! Que this bubbling, fizzy delight! I love this powder, I just stir into a tall glass of water about an hour before I want to be asleep and it really does help relax and calm my mind a bit and help me get sleepy. Since it’s magnesium based,it will help to get things moving in the morning if you know what I mean.

Citrus – Tis the season to indulge in all things citrus! This company has beautiful produce boxes filled with fresh organic produce! I think this would be a great valentines day gift to send to friends and family!

Think Pink – I often gravitate towards blues of all hues, light blues, darks, navy’s etc. Right now though I am all things pink! I can’t get a enough of this sweet and feminine color!  I grabbed this cashmere sweater (on sale btw) it’s warm soft and sweet. All the things I would like to work on personality wise (LOL).

Farm Life – day dreaming of moving to a hobby farm; chickens, lavender fields, bee hives, maybe I’ll start making my own bread. Or maybe I will just keep adding to my Pinterest board!

Okay That’s my 10 things I loved this month! See, it’s a fun, easy and totally random! What items or thoughts would make up your 10  favorite random things from the month?  Let me know in the comment section!!

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