4 (mostly) Plant Based Recipes For Superbowl

Super Bowl Sunday, a great day for all! I love to celebrate this day as the ending of the season of football and getting my husband’s full attention on a Sunday. I know way too many fantasy football terms and jargon, by the end of the season! Super Bowl is also a great  for the football lovers, even better if your team is playing! Super bowl food is fun but what’s not fun is waking up the next day feeling puffy and full! I rounded up a few recipes that are quick and easy and made a few recipe suggestions to lighten them up! Most of these are plant based but feel free to add animal protein if you so choose! 

I love the combo of the creamy refried beans and the salty chips and crunchy fresh veggies! I would just buy this jarred queso & we love these grain free & corn free tortilla chips here and here.

Buffalo Cauliflower

A lot of the recipes I found for buffalo cauliflower bites were oddly complicated and called for too many ingredients! This recipe is quick and easy! I am going to try making these in this air fryer and will be using this buffalo sauce (in medium) it’s amazing!

This is my go to chili recipe, I just omit the turkey to make it plant based and use these fire roasted tomatoes it give the chili that smokey sweet flavor!

This kale salad looks amazing! It’s the perfect blend of crunchy, creamy and a little salty! I like to do half kale and half romaine hearts and chop the leaves into thin ribbons. 

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