The Co-op | Recipes For An At Home Valentines Day


If you want to start loving salads go and check out She truly is the queen of greens! We are obsessed with this dulse caesar dressing in our home! I typically make a big batch of it and we use it throughout the week! I love to finely dice romaine and tuscan kale for this caesar salad recipe!

*dulse is a seaweed and can often be found in the seaweed or asian section of wholefoods or health food stores! You can also buy it here! The sheets are more more flavorful than the flakes but you can use either!

Another bonberi salad recipe to try! I think I will be making this one and instead of raw chickpeas I am going to give mine a quick roast to give them that nice crunch!


I love a simple yet hearty pasta dish on a cold winter night! This is the perfect Valentine’s Day pasta dish for a cozy night in! I would swap regular rigatoni for this gluten free pasta option and wilt some baby spinach into this dish for a little extra greens!

This dish is so up my alley! We love anything ginger and coconutty. I love how smooth coconut milk makes a sauce and it will be warming with a nice kick with all of the ginger and chili sauce! I am going to lighten the dish up a little and serve with cauliflower rice (I cheat and get the frozen at trader joes and fix it up a bit with some sautéed garlic, and some finely chopped cilantro). 

Risottos are my go to when entertaining! They are often super easy to make and people find them impressive. I love how simple this recipe is and it’s super easy to “doctor up” I would add in chopped asparagus and baby peas to make it a little more fresh, and if you want to add in animal protein I think shrimp, scallops or chicken would be delicious in this dish!


As you all know I lack some serious baking skills but I know I could master these chocolate truffles from The Bakerita!

Weird fact about me, I really dislike cake! But love me an ooey gooey cookie with a little crispy shell! I asked Justin (the baker) to make this for our Valentine’s Day dessert this year, and we will top it with nadamoo vanilla ice cream it’s the best dairy free ice cream in my opinion!