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I am seeing lots of big time fashion influencers talk about amazon sunglasses and how some styles are often great Celine dupes. Naturally, I needed to see what the fuss was all about and find the best of amazon sunglasses. I ordered a few top styles and gave them a try for you!  What’s My general consensus you ask? “Ehh not bad for (mostly) $25 and under sunglasses”. I did find the Quay and Le Spec styles to be the most comfortable. However, the metal frame styles like this style were very comfortable too. Overall I will definitely say that the amazon sunglasses give you the same “designer” look for much less and are perfect for the days that you are hiking, boating, skiing etc and the odds are high that you might lose a pair. If you’re going for polarized and super high quality just go get the real deal! A note to leave you on – I have an oddly tiny head (like I still wear a toddlers size ski helmet) so if the sunglasses look huge on me don’t get discouraged they may look amazing on you!

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