10 Random Things I loved This Month – February

I spent the better of the month in sunny and warm Florida, so that was truly my favorite thing this month. I love living in the northeast, but I am starting to get the whole southern living idea! Checkout my favorite 10 random things that sparked some joy for me in February!

Freedom Moses – Besides loving the name of this brand (side note, I once found a cat outside of my church growing up, it looked homeless so we took the cat in. I named it Moses it seemed apropo. About a week or 2 later we found out we accidentally “stole” someone’s cat and felt terrible we gave Moses back, his real name was Jack. Moses is still a better name in my opinion!) Okay major side story, sorry! Anyways these sandals are great and perfect for the beach, they are rubber so you can just hose off the sand!

Brimmed Hat – My Aunt had this hat on in FL. It’s so cute and super comfy and the best part is it doesn’t move around on your head when you wear it! I bought the hat in the color way “taupe” it really goes with everything and can be worn for all the seasons!

Time For Tea – This herbal tea is just a little cup of floral delight! I love to make a little cup of it every afternoon.

Roomba – I have already professed my love for the iRobot but I am loving it even more now that the weather is gross and the dog brings in that gross dirt and sand mixture that is unavoidable every Spring season. This is the exact model I have and I did a whole review here.

1stdibs – Okay this home décor site is weird and good all at the same time. I did lose a few hours of my life looking at weird trinkets I don’t know what to do with, but it’s a great site to find some interesting home décor finds!

Body Butter – I bought this  body butter to try while in FL. I bought the small size to test it out and it’s wonderfully hydrating. It does take some time to soak in so use it at night, the smell is fresh and not overpowering. Also, a little goes a long way so I suggest just trying the small jar!

Show Hole – I started to re-watching Anthony Bourdain’s, Parts Unknown on HBO Max (youtube trailer here). Boy, do I really miss that guy. So much of my love for food and travel was inspired by watching his shows and reading his books!

Amazon Find – I bought this glass knot sculpture from Amazon. It was a random purchase, but it really looks like it could sell for $250 at a nice homeware store. Place it on a coffee table or style a bookshelf with it. No one needs to know it was $18 from Amazon! I bought the size small and it’s slightly larger than a tennis ball for size reference. 

Arnica Gel – While in FL. I had a bit of a slip and got pretty banged up. I grabbed this arnica gel at whole foods and I really did think it helped to heal up bruises and swelling!

Neutral Rug – I am in love with this simple sisal rug. It’s affordable, goes with everything and is comfortable to walk on!

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