Give Me A Beet

Give me a beet

I have never met a beet I didn’t love, they are truly nature’s candy. There are endless possibilities to prepare a beets, roast, steam, shave raw beets on salads and juice them. Anyway they come, I am there happily, devouring them! 

About The Beet – Beets are harvested all summer long and through late Fall! The Root vegetable can last for months in the fridge (aside from the green beet stems). It’s best to choose organic when possible, due to beets being used for industrial purposes like garment dyes and harvested for beet sugar. They are now part of the bottom line for factory farms, meaning they need to turn a profit. Therefore, they are often GMO and sprayed with very toxic pesticides!

What’s In A Beet – Beets are rich in folate, fiber, iron, vitamin c and antioxidants! They are great blood builders and gently assist the body in the detoxification and elimination process. Don’t be scared if your urine or bowel movements are pink, it’s most likely the beets, not your kidneys, we have all had that scare!

Best Combined With – Beets are a neutral vegetable and combine really well with both starches and proteins. An example of a beet with a protein would be a green salad topped with roasted beets, goat cheese or walnuts and a piece of salmon or chicken. An example of a starch meal would be a big green salad, steamed beets and a roasted sweet potato. 


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