2 Root Vegetables You Need To Be Roasting & Mashing

Rutabagas and Turnips often go over looked and are under appreciated. This post will change your opinion on these delicious roots, here are a few reasons why I love to cook with them! Both vegetables are incredibly hearty and can last awhile in your fridge, if you store in a dry produce bag. Making them the perfect vegetables to buy if you only have time to grocery shop once a week! Turnips and rutabagas are incredibly easy to cook, you can roast, mash, steam and even shave them to make a root vegetable slaw. Both the turnip and rutabaga can be swapped for any dish that would call for a potato. They have much more water in them compared to a potato, making them a “semi-starch” in the world of food combining. Check out a few recipes below that highlight the rutabaga and turnip. 

Best Combined With – Since rutabaga and turnips are considered a “semi-starch” they would pair well with both protein and starches. I prefer to pair both vegetables with other starches like squashes, yams and grains, for easy digestion and quicker elimination. An example of  rutabaga “fries” paired with a starch would be eating them along side a veggie burger.An example of combining with a  protein would be rutabaga “fries” accompanied along side a lettuce wrapped turkey burger. Turnips could be paired with starches like wild rice or pasta and if paired with protein, they could be simply roasted and serve with  roast chicken.